AlmaViva is a newly renovated villa with holiday apartments, close to beautiful beaches and in the heart of the “Punta Ala Trail Area”. It's a perfect location for families, bikers, beach bums and for nature lovers in general.

Punta Ala

+39 338 6205813

Località Pian d'Alma, 58020 Scarlino (GR)



    Each apartment has independent access, fully equipped kitchen (with dishwasher!), bathroom with shower, floor heating/cooling system or AC/heating by fancoil.

    Hand crafted and unique pieces convey attention to detail and care for traditional crafts: wrought iron beds with hand painted designs, solid wood furniture with a shabby touch and light fixtures hand made in Marocco furnish each apartment in a unique way. Clean lines and modern fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens complete the apartments with a functional and modern style.

    NAMES… if you recognize the names of the apartments, no further introduction is needed. For those who have no idea, here is the key to the puzzle: these are the names of trails. As among single-track trails Rock oh is the king, so at Almaviva Holidays, Rock-oh Loft stands out for its unique characteristics.

    Rock-oh Loft is an uncommon 100 sqm open space apartment, perfect for a fluid and open living style.

    Carlitos is a two bedroom apartment. In one room there is a single bed and a double bed. In the other room two single beds. There is also a sofa bed

    301 has two large rooms, one with a double bed and a single bed, and another room with kitchen, living area and sofa bed.

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