AlmaViva is a newly renovated villa with holiday apartments, close to beautiful beaches and in the heart of the “Punta Ala Trail Area”. It's a perfect location for families, bikers, beach bums and for nature lovers in general.

Punta Ala

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Località Pian d'Alma, 58020 Scarlino (GR)



    The Bandite di Scarlino trail area, known by bikers in connection to Punta Ala, is appreciated for the incredible variety of trails that lead straight to the beach and for the inland technical and rocky tracks.

    The area has become a play ground for mountain bike enthusiasts and a training ground for athletes from around the world, its fame enhanced by events such as SuperEnduro and Enduro World Series.

    You can also choose leisurely family tours, gravel challenges, coastal cycle paths, road rides… whatever your preference, you’re within a pedal stroke from a beach and a beer.

    It would be our pleasure to share knowledge and tips about the area, while having a look at the Bandite di Scarlino map in our Bike Room. You can also download this excellent map from AvenzaMaps.

    Half a km down the road, our local partner PuntAla Trail Center offers professional bike services rental, shuttle, guided tours and mechanical assistance.


    Other trail areas

    • Tirli – 10 minutes by car – on the other side of the valley, similar to the Bandite di Scarlino, with four long single trail descents through the woods, flowy and fast but also technical and narrow. Tirli itself is a town with more restaurants than inhabitants. Don’t miss the wild boar specialities. Our local partner: Maremma Freeride
    • Castiglione della Pescaia – 15 minutes by car – drop into carefully built trails, with jumps and ramps for air time seekers, and then enjoy a refreshing drink in the lively and charming seaside town. Our local partner: Bagnoli Bike
    • Massa Marittima – 20 minutes by car – this area offers a wide variety of highly maintained trails, it’s a training ground for professional athletes and is appreciated for its all around biker-friendly attitude. Don’t leave without a walk through the medieval hilltop town or a swim in the Accesa lake. Our local partner: The Trail Brothers
    • Piombino – 30 minutes by car – this place is a maze, with fun single tracks winding down and up the coastal cliffs, and views to take away whatever breath you have left. Pack a bathing suit, as descents often lead to secluded coves. Our local partners: Tuscany Bike and I Bikeroni
    • Castelnuovo Val di Cecina – 1 hour by car – it’s a recently developed trail area fuelled by passion and hard work. It’s worth the trip to take a break from the coastal heat and enjoy fun rides through the woods. Our local partner: Mtb Castelnuovo
    • Argentario – 1 hour by car – this promonontory is connected to the mainland by thin strips of land, and has trails on all sides, offering a variety of descents, some rocky and exposed, some flowy through the woods. Definitely worth visiting also for the views and excellent seafood. Please contact us for further information.
    Biker’s heaven


    Dedicated to bikes, this room is located at the heart of the building, just as a passion for bikes is at the heart of the Almaviva’s vision.

    Welcome to a biker’s heaven, before and after ride. The large carpenter bench has witnessed years of construction and will continue to do so for your bike maintenance.

    Tools are well visible: allen and and torx keys, wrenches and tongs, chain tool and cable cutter, compressor and floor pump, bike stand and tray for small parts.

    For E-bikers, there are multiple sockets to recharge your batteries.
    Upon request, we can provide basic spare parts (inner tubes, tires, gear cage, spare link, etc.) for emergency mechanics.

    As in every respectable bike room, a fridge fully stocked with beers, is available, self service… It’s an honesty bar, payment is due at check out.The bike room functions also as bike deposit.

    There is no surveillance and we do not take responsibility for your bike.
    However we’ve taken extra care to protect you bikes, therefore we’ve put in shatter-proof glass and there is 24/7 video surveillance.  For every bike left in the deposit, we provide a lock for each bike owner’s exclusive use.

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